New FastTRAC Deployment – live in three months or less

ROC IT Solutions’ new FastTrac Deployment helps companies get key EdgeTRAC™ software modules installed and running fast.

In just 8-12 weeks, you could be using handheld devices at the edge of your supply chain to scan serial numbers, print tags, verify shipments, manage receiving and returns, and more.

Fast Track Deployment centers on integration to your existing SMS (Serial Number Management System). It works with most leading serial number management and EPCIS systems.

With no integration to your ERP or WMS, Fast Track means you can move now — no waiting for your internal IT resources. Meet fast-approaching DQSA deadlines and serialization requirements from your supply chain partners.

Fast Track Deployment lets you capture the benefits of ROC IT EdgeTRAC Modules for Rework (container management), Shipments (shipment verification), Receiving, Returns and Serial Number Inquiry without the cost and lead time of developing, testing and deploying integration touch points to your ERP/WMS systems.

  • As EdgeTRAC is deployed, we upload your master data using CSV files or the EdgeTRAC L3 Site Control user interface. You can repeat the upload as your master data changes.
  • Then use EdgeTRAC on handheld devices to scan or enter container serial numbers and verify them against your L4 SN Management System (SMS). EdgeTRAC lets you ensure that every serial number is valid and in the appropriate status to be shipped, received or returned.
  • EdgeTRAC dynamically builds reference documents, such as Delivery Orders or RMAs, as products and lots associated with the scanned serialized containers are processed for Shipping, Receiving or Returns. Upon completion of the reference document, EdgeTRAC associates serial numbers to it by transmitting EPCIS Ship or Receive events to your SMS.

A Fast Track Deployment project can get you where you need to be with serialization compliance right now. In the future, you can phase in full ERP/WMS integration if you wish. This gives you the added benefits including the ability to verify that your shipments include the correct products, lots and quantities.

Contact us to learn more about Fast Track deployment of ROC IT’s EdgeTRAC software suite for track and trace.

About ROC IT Solutions

ROC IT Solutions enables serialized data capture, label printing and tag management for receiving, picking, shipping, returns, deactivation, aggregation and de-aggregation of pharmaceutical products. Our solutions streamline serialization at all points in the supply chain, from manufacturers to wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Through more accurate and efficient supply chain serialization, ROC IT Solutions’ track and trace software helps companies protect revenues, combat counterfeiting and diversion, and ensure consumer safety.

ROC IT serialization software enables “intelligent edge data capture,” allowing companies to capture and process data for serialized assets at the edge of the supply chain, where materials handling takes place. By reducing data capture errors and providing real-time decision making at the point of materials handling, our solutions enable serialized product tracking without bottlenecks or bandwidth issues. Our unique distributed architecture enables agile and scalable solutions that are easily deployed and maintained to support any ERP, EPCIS / Serial Number Management, track-and-trace, Auto-ID or other application, as well as interoperability with any device for barcode and RFID data capture, using GS1 standards. Learn more at

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