Woodfield Distribution Selects ROC IT Solutions to Comply with DSCSA Serialization

Fairport, NY (August 24, 2016)ROC IT Solutions, a leader in intelligent edge data capture for serialized assets in the supply chain, today announced that Woodfield Distribution, LLC (WDSrx), a pharmaceutical third party logistics provider (3PL), has selected ROC IT Solution’s EdgeTRAC™ software suite to comply with the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements.

“As a full service 3PL provider for the life sciences industry, we understand our critical position between manufacturers and dispensers in the pharmaceutical supply chain and are fully committed to DSCSA implementation for the benefit of our clients and the goal of improved patient health,” said Adam Runsdorf, president of WDSrx. Learn more about WDSrx’s initiative to implement DSCSA pharmaceutical 3PL compliance prior to the FDA deadline at https://www.wdsrx.com/wdsrx-implements-plan-dscsa-compliance-prior-fda-deadlin/.

As the edge serialization solution provider for WDSrx, ROC IT will partner with TraceLink and Optel Vision to streamline the wide range of WDSrx customer needs for serialization management while providing technical support to efficiently track serialized inventory without any disruption to warehouse operations.

“3PL providers are challenged with serving a large customer base with multiple requirements for DSCSA,” said Larry Hall, co-founder of ROC IT. “WDSrx needed a solution that could perform warehousing and distribution functions while talking the complex language of serialization. With ROC IT, TraceLink and Optel, our best of breed solutions will deliver a full-scale, service-oriented serialization program right out of the box.”

“We are pleased to work with WDSrx to build a comprehensive, integrated track and trace program with TraceLink’s proven solution, to help them comply with DSCSA well ahead of deadline,” said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO, TraceLink. “We are looking forward to continuing our partnerships with ROC IT and Optel by pooling our collective industry expertise to leverage the ease and simplicity of our products’ integration and reducing the time and cost of managing an end-to-end integrated workflow, to achieve superior results for WDSrx in a short timeframe.”

About ROC IT

ROC IT Solutions enables serialized receiving, picking, shipping, returns, deactivation, aggregation, de-aggregation(rework), label printing and tag management at all points in the supply chain, from manufacturers to wholesalers, 3PLs, distributors, and retailers. Through more accurate and efficient supply chain serialization, ROC IT Solutions helps companies protect revenues, combat counterfeiting and diversion, and ensure consumer safety.

 About WDSrx

Woodfield Distribution, LLC (“WDSrx”) provides integrated pharmaceutical 3PL managed services and value-added solutions empowering the Life Sciences industry from facilities in Boca Raton, FL and in Sugar Land, TX.  Operations are licensed to meet cGMP, FDA, DEA, EPA, DOT, VAWD and Federal, State and Regulatory Agency requirements for handling of Over-The-Counter, Prescription and Controlled Substance (CII-CV) pharmaceutical products.

About TraceLink

TraceLink is the World’s Largest Track and Trace Network for connecting the Life Sciences supply chain and eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs from the global marketplace. Leading businesses, including 16 of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies, trust the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud to deliver complete global connectivity, visibility and traceability of pharmaceuticals from ingredient to patient. A single point and click connection to the Life Sciences Cloud creates a supply chain control tower that delivers the information, insight and collaboration needed to improve performance and reduce risk across global supply, manufacturing and distribution operations.

A winner of numerous industry awards including Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 (ranked number 293 in 2015), the Amazon AWS Global Start-Up Challenge Grand Prize, and the Edison Award for Innovation in Health Management, the Life Sciences Cloud is used by businesses across the globe to meet strategic goals in ensuring global compliance, fighting drug counterfeiting, improving on-time and in-full delivery, protecting product quality and reducing operational cost.

For more information on TraceLink, visit www.tracelink.com or follow TraceLink on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

TraceLink is funded by FirstMark Capital, Volition Capital and F-Prime Capital.

About Optel Vision

Optel Vision’s mission is to integrate technologies such as automated vision and serialized systems to assure product integrity, improve customer safety and increase sustainability of their business.


ROC IT’s EdgeTRAC™ software suite enables supply chain serialization through “intelligent edge data capture.” Our solutions allow companies to capture and process data for serialized products at the edge of the supply chain, where material handling takes place. Learn more at http://www.rocitsolutions.com.

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