Five ways that agile development benefits you

Agile methodology is an alternative to traditional project management, typically used in software development. It helps teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, known as sprints. Agile methodologies are an alternative to waterfall, or traditional sequential development. (

The Agile process we use at ROC IT is a collection of practices we adapted and evolved to satisfy the needs of our customers. We tailored our process to create a highly collaborative, flexible, yet structured environment in which we can deliver an outstanding level of quality while being responsive to our customers’ demands and highly disciplined about traceability and controls.

Here are five ways our customers benefit.

1. Customer impact on each release.

Our Agile process empowers everyone to be highly engaged in the entire process of our product development. This includes our customers and professional services team as well as our software engineers and testers.
Our customers can get involved with product development early enough to have a meaningful impact on the outcome of each release. We seek and welcome feedback on features, usability, and quality improvements from all shareholders. Building a product with customer participation yields the best solutions and happy customers. We have proven this to be true time and time again.

2. Outstanding quality.

Our entire process and execution revolves around building a high quality product. Our Agile process is a significant contributor to making it reality.

Our weekly sprint releases create an environment where frequent and tangible quality feedback can be shared among team members. Any necessary improvements are integrated into the product as early as the upcoming sprint. These short and ongoing sprint iterations of product development, supplemented with testing throughout the duration of a project, result in outstanding quality when it comes to the final release date.

3. A better user experience.

We build our products so users can complete work easily, intuitively, and flawlessly. The iteratively collaborative nature of our Agile process and shareholder engagement helps us build a product that does just that. The ability to test and experience working solutions, in short intervals, enables us to iterate on ideas and implementations with a quick feedback loop. This in turn helps us to optimize our product for the best user experience.

4. Software that can grow with you.

The quality of software solutions should not be defined only by the number of defects found during testing, but also by the quality of its implementation. We have seen working software solutions implemented in a way that would limit future enhancements, or even make them impossible.

In developing a software product that continues to grow in capabilities and features over many releases, it is impossible to define the right architecture and design before all the capabilities and features are known. Our Agile process enables our team to continue to refine the architecture and design iteratively, in a transparent fashion to all team members. It lets us support existing functionality and position the product for future enhancements. Our customers can be assured that our product will support their business today and is built to make future enhancements possible.

5. Fast response to your changing needs.

In the ever-changing business environment we need to deliver features with speed and agility. Our Agile process makes this possible. We can listen to customer feedback, add features and improvements that will benefit the entire product, and quickly plan for getting them done – often in the current release. Priorities can be set or reset based on internal or external demands on a weekly basis. The way the software is written and tested, the short feedback loop, and the increased ability to react to change in the collaborative environment – these factors mean that we can deliver the highest priority features and improvements at any predefined project duration.

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By Jacek Woloszuk
October 2015

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