EdgeTRAC™ Software Suite for Track and Trace

The ROC IT EdgeTRAC™ Software Suite allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to track and trace individual items throughout the supply chain. It reduces costs, enables anti-counterfeiting measures, and streamlines DQSA compliance and adherence to other regulatory requirements using GS1 standards.

With the pharmaceutical and medical device industries leading the way, many industries are discovering the benefits of tighter product control and traceability offered by item-level serialization of mass-produced products.

Capturing and processing data at the “edges” of the supply chain, the ROC IT EdgeTRAC™ Software Suite is the fastest and most effective way to integrate item-level serialization into your existing supply chain processes. You will achieve benefits far beyond regulatory compliance, including:

  • Securing patient safety.
  • Ensuring product integrity and authenticity through tighter, more automated product control.
  • Managing recalled, expired and returned products faster, cheaper and more effectively.
  • Combating counterfeiting and diversion.

The EdgeTRAC™ Software Suite gives you more power to ensure consumer safety and protect your revenues.

How It Works

The EdgeTRAC™ Software Suite includes everything you need to print, apply, capture, verify, combine, decommission, submit, and re-print serial numbers. With edge data capture and processing, it captures data from barcode scanners and RFID readers and integrates with back-end systems, EPCIS applications, and repositories. It provides instructions to workers in operational work areas – such as receiving, pick-and-pack areas, and shipping docks – so that they can take appropriate action in real time.

This track and trace software solution is deployed in the distribution and retail shipping operations of Fortune 500 companies worldwide. It automates the many diverse business processes that are introduced or impacted by the move to item-level serialization due to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and other global mandates.

It is a highly flexible solution, with modules that address serialization requirements in key areas. These modules include:

Label Printing

With this modular approach, ROC IT quickly configures EdgeTRAC solutions to fit the unique business needs of organizations all along the pharmaceutical supply chain. We work with manufacturers, contract manufacturers, repackagers, distributors, wholesalers, third-party logistics companies, and retailers such as pharmacies and health care facilities.

Problems We Solve

The EdgeTRAC™ Software Suite solves real-world business problems for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and contract manufacturers.

See some of our clients’ business use cases 

EdgeTRAC™ Software Suite benefits

  • Deployed in simple stations that fit easily into your operational setting.
  • Works with SAP OER, Oracle OPSM, TraceLink, rfXcel, Axway, Frequentz and other applications through two-way data integration based on EPCIS standards.
  • Adds flexible business logic and processing “on the edge” of the network, operating independently of the ERP system and host environment.
  • Provides information and instructions to workers and machines in operational work areas.
  • Reduces operational bottlenecks by enabling immediate action and error correction.
  • Supports any kind of RFID tag, barcode label or wireless device.
  • Enables serialized data capture and works with both serialized and non-serialized data
  • Lays the groundwork for ROI-based initiatives on top of serialization through better accuracy and visibility.
  • Installed on plug-and-play appliances or commercial hardware for ease of installation and management.

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