Tag Creation Station

EdgeTRAC™ L3 Site Control

Tag Creation Station

The EdgeTRAC Tag Creation Station is a web-based label print station that generates pre-printed serialized tags such as SSCC pallet tags for shipping, and serialized tags in manual packing operations. It supports both validation testing and production use. You can create hard or soft copy serialized barcode labels to test serial number commissioning, serial number hierarchies and all serialization edge use cases.

Using the EdgeTRAC Tag Creation Station, you can print tags from a given serial number range or a randomized list. Serial numbers are retrieved from your serial number management system or local cache.

To start creating tags, input the product, lot, expiry and container hierarchy or GTIN. EdgeTRAC creates tags based on the print template associated with the GTIN and SSCC labels, defined by facility. EdgeTRAC supports encoding of country specific GS1 AIs for National Health Reimbursement Numbers (NHRN), and can include the NHRN in the human readable portion of printed tags.

EdgeTRAC Tag Creation Station lets you create electronic (PDF) tags or send them to your choice of printer. You can print tags for a specific GTIN or for a container hierarchy. Choose which levels in the hierarchy to print, and print them in a logical hierarchy sequence. You can aggregate printed serial numbers based on the container hierarchy selected.

EdgeTRAC transmits commissioning information to your serial number management system of record for all tags created, and can send aggregation information as well.

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