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Picking Module

The EdgeTRAC™ Picking Module is typically used in conjunction with the EdgeTRAC Shipment Verification Module or the EdgeTRAC Pack & Ship Module to create a complete customer order fulfillment process for both serialized and non-serialized product.

EdgeTRAC downloads pick lists, either in advance or on demand, from your WMS or ERP system at the time of pick list processing, and updates the WMS or ERP systems with pick list confirmation transactions.

For serialized picking, you scan serialized barcode labels and associate the product, lot and quantity to a pick list. Manual entry is also allowed, supporting exception processing.

For non-serialized products, you can scan or manually enter HDMA barcode label data, associating non-serialized product, lot and quantity to pick lists.

As you pick products, EdgeTRAC verifies the GTIN or product and the lot number against the pick list. EdgeTRAC displays the expected and actual pick quantities on the user interface. It does not allow over picks, but can be configured to allow authorized users to perform short picks.

The EdgeTRAC Picking Module offers great flexibility for efficient picking. It supports directed pick by bin location, allows picking the same product or lot from multiple bin locations (distinct pick list line based on bin), and enables users to override the bin location sort order and ‘jump’ to a different pick list line. It supports both paper-based and paperless picking.

  • For paper-based picking, scan a pick list ID barcode or manually enter the ID on a mobile handheld device. EdgeTRAC provides exception feedback if the pick list does not exist or has been completed.
  • For paperless picking, EdgeTRAC provides an electronic pick queue with pick lists sorted by assigned user and shipping priority. EdgeTRAC supports multiple pickers, concurrent users and reassignment of pick list lines.

You may suspend the process for one or more pick lists while you continue to process others. EdgeTRAC saves all in-process information, and updates the WMS or ERP system upon completion.

Integrated pick, pack and ship

The EdgeTRAC™ Picking Module is typically used in conjunction with the EdgeTRAC Shipment Verification Module. It may also be used with the EdgeTRAC Pack & Ship Module. For example, when parcel customer shipment orders are fulfilled, product is picked using the EdgeTRAC™ Picking Module, staged at pack stations and subsequently packed and shipped using the EdgeTRAC Pack & Ship Module. In this configuration, serialized child containers picked from serialized parent containers (e.g. cases from pallets, eaches or bundles from cases, etc.) are individually de-aggregated from the pallets upon picking and scanning. EdgeTRAC sends pick confirm information to the WMS or ERP system upon completion of each shipment order line.

See how the EdgeTRAC Picking Module is used by distributors and wholesalers and 3PLs.

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