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Print, Apply and Verify Module

The EdgeTRAC Print, Apply and Verify Module is a handheld, lightweight serialization solution for manual packaging operations, particularly for repackagers and low-volume manufacturers. It is also used by high-volume manufacturers to quickly serialize a subset of their product line for export.

To create serialized labels with EdgeTRAC Print, Apply and Verify, scan or enter the product ID, lot and expiry of the product to be serialized. EdgeTRAC displays the associated GTIN(s) and product description from your product master. It retrieves serial numbers from the local cache, and prints the requested number of 2D barcode labels. Labels include the GS1 identifiers serial number, GTIN, lot and expiry.

EdgeTRAC sends an EPCIS Objec
XML event to your serial number management system with the details of the tags encoded.

After applying the serialized labels, use EdgeTRAC to verify that labels are applied to the correct product. Scan or enter the product ID. Then scan the new serialized 2D barcode label. EdgeTRAC verifies that the data on the printed tag matches the product details you entered.

After verifying, EdgeTRAC sends an EPCIS Object XML commission event to your serial number management system showing the tag as commissioned and active.

EdgeTRAC provides a robust web-based reporting feature that allows authorized users to view all product and lot combinations submitted. You can view and sort tag information (Product ID, GTIN, Lot and Expiry); review how many tags were printed, verified, not verified and decommissioned; and view detailed reports for each tag showing its state and date, time and user ID.

See how the EdgeTRAC Print, Apply and Verify Module is used by low volume manufacturers, and contract manufacturers, repackagers, distributors and wholesalers and 3PLs.

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