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Receiving Module

The EdgeTRAC™ Receiving Module lets you receive both serialized and non-serialized product with one unified process, using one flexible solution. You can verify received products at the product, product/lot or serial number level. EdgeTRAC automatically updates your warehouse management or ERP system with the results. EdgeTRAC also generates and transmits EPCIS receipt events to your serialization event repository.

To receive a product, EdgeTRAC downloads receiving reference documents (RRDs) from your WMS or ERP system of record. RRDs include purchase orders, delivery orders, serialized ASNs, non-serialized ASNs, and serialized EPCIS ship events from suppliers.

To receive serialized product, EdgeTRAC performs a serial number inquiry against your serial number management system. It verifies that the serial numbers are valid, that they are in an appropriate status to be received, and that they are not duplicated for active, suspended or received RRDs.

EdgeTRAC maintains expected and actual quantities for the RRD. It can be configured to allow authorized users to process short receipts.

EdgeTRAC supports leveraging inference to efficiently receive serialized parent containers and their contents, allowing you to set inference audit percentages based on your confidence level for a facility, supplier or product.

You can also integrate your physical put-away process with your receiving process using EdgeTRAC. Scan or enter the product, lot, quantity and target inventory bin. EdgeTRAC formats and transmits put-away transactions to your WMS or ERP system.

You can suspend the receiving process for one or more RRDs while you continue to process others. EdgeTRAC saves all in-process information until the receipt is completed or cancelled, and updates your serial number management system / EPCIS repository upon completion.

See how the EdgeTRAC Receiving Module is used by repackagers, distributors and wholesalers, 3PLs and retail facilities.

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