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SN Deactivation Module

The EdgeTRAC SN Deactivation Module lets you deactivate, decommission and destroy serial numbers due to damage, sampling, recall or other condition. It updates your serial number management system so that the deactivated serial numbers cannot be reused.

Access to the serial number deactivation function is restricted by user role.

EdgeTRAC retrieves serial number hierarchy and status information from your serial number management system. It generates and transmits EPCIS decommission events to your serialization event repository and updates the status and disposition of serial numbers decommissioned.

To deactivate serial numbers, scan or manually enter the serial numbers of items or containers to be deactivated. EdgeTRAC can be configured to deactivate all child serial numbers when a parent container serial number is deactivated.

EdgeTRAC verifies that the serial numbers are in the appropriate status to be deactivated; for example, that they are valid and have not been previously deactivated. EdgeTRAC provides exception feedback if the serial number does not exist or has already been deactivated.

EdgeTRAC requires a deactivation reason code for each serial number deactivated. The list of codes is configurable in the L3 Site Control. EdgeTRAC transmits the deactivation reason code to your serial number management system / EPCIS repository for each deactivation. It also allows you to enter free form text reference notes to capture additional detail regarding the deactivation event.

See how the EdgeTRAC SN Deactivation Module is used by manufacturers, and contract manufacturers, repackagers, distributors and wholesalers and 3PLs.

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