SN Inquiry

sn-inquiryEdgeTRAC™ Software

Serial Number Inquiry Module

The EdgeTRAC SN Inquiry Module lets you authenticate serialized container barcode information, either by scanning a barcode or manually entering the data.

EdgeTRAC retrieves and displays container serial number detail information from your serial number management system. Data includes serial number reference data and serial number hierarchy data for child serial numbers. Child serial number data can be drilled down one level at a time. EdgeTRAC also retrieves the container’s parent serial number as needed.

EdgeTRAC can display the shipment order number associated with the container serial number it the data is available in your host systems.

EdgeTRAC displays SGTIN and SSCC serial numbers. It supports scanning both 2D Data Matrix and HDMA format labels with two linear barcodes (the (01) Shipping Container Code and (21) Serial Number application identifiers are encoded in the first linear barcode).

See how the EdgeTRAC SN Inquiry Module is used by manufacturers, and contract manufacturers, repackagers, distributors and wholesalers and 3PLs and retail facilities.

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