How We Work

We provide fast, predictable and cost-effective deployment of high-value solutions. With our unique combination of technology, people and processes, we guarantee your success.

Technology: enabling rapid deployment

Our product architecture enables scalable, flexible and high-availability solutions that are fast to deploy, easy to maintain, and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn more about our technology platform.

People: dedicated to your success

Our people are experienced in solving real-world business problems. Our passion is using that experience to make you successful. Learn more about our team.

Processes: delivering rapid value

The ROC IT team developed our unique Rapid Value Process (RVP) deployment methodology over decades of successfully deploying complex software solutions for leading global organizations.

The RVP is a disciplined approach to project management and delivery. It ensures that we can quickly develop and implement solutions that meet your goals, on time and on budget. It takes into account hardware and software, your changing business processes, and integration to multiple host environments. It ties technical project deliverables to functional implementation, drives regular status reporting, and ensures sign-off on key deliverables.

Perhaps most importantly, the process promotes effective communication among all team members. The RVP Steering Committee, comprising key project team members as well as your executive sponsors, helps to foster communication and also monitors progress, ensures that expectations are aligned, and removes obstacles hindering progress.

The five RVP phases are broken down into specific steps, each designed to ensure predictable schedules and costs. Clearly defined deliverables allow the project team to monitor progress and eliminate surprises.

Standard templates and project management processes provide consistency and help us to leverage best practices around the implementation and use of ROC IT solutions. At the same time, we constantly refine and improve the RVP based on new experience. The RVP is the product of decades of successful implementations with scores of global enterprise clients – applied to your unique needs.

The ROC IT team is very thorough and they have a good approach. They don’t have their own agenda; they just make sure things get done smartly and as seamlessly as possible. -Services Strategy Manager, Global manufacturer

The Rapid Value Process (RVP)

Ensuring speedy implementation of a solution that meets your goals


  • Assess needs
  • Discover value opportunities
  • Analyze solution


  • Create solution blueprint
  • Develop proposal
  • Review proposal
  • Submit proposal


  • Internal Kickoff
  • Client Kickoff
  • Solution Design
  • Configuration
  • Procurement and assembly
  • Develop test plan
  • Configure solution


  • Install solution at client
  • Perform system tests
  • Prepare cutover plan
  • Train users and operators
  • Go live
  • Post-implementation support
  • Transition to client support

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