Pharma Implementation in Turkey

Track and Trace Solution enables major global pharmaceutical manufacturer to meet MoH serialization directive in Turkey

tnt-case-study1_348In 2009 ROC IT implemented our Track and Trace Solution for a global manufacturer in Turkey, meeting the Ministry of Health deadline and delivering many benefits beyond compliance.

Turkey has taken the lead as one of the first countries in the world to mandate transport package and saleable unit serialization and dictate specific product identification and labeling requirements.

Specifically, the Turkish MoH regulations require serializing and tracking of all transport packages such as pallets, parcels, boxes or bundles. Additionally, all unit-level items that are reimbursed by the MoH must be serialized. These include promotional samples, hospital packaged products, prescription drugs, and non-prescription drugs.

Benefits beyond compliance

The ROC IT Track and Trace solution enables this global pharmaceutical manufacturer to:

  • Implement and centrally manage serialization with little disruption to its existing operations.
  • Improve order fulfillment and shipping accuracy from its distribution operations.
  • Streamline processes for faster reimbursement from the Turkish MoH.
  • Enhance brand and consumer protection.
  • Improve counterfeiting and “grey market” detection.
  • Improve returns and recall processes.
  • Vastly improve inventory visibility.

Receiving both serialized and non-serialized product from its parent company and third parties, the manufacturer’s distribution center requires the capability to handle a variety of tasks including serializing non-serialized product, managing and receiving serialized product, matching serialized product with delivery notices, staging serialized data for transmission to the MoH, and performing exception processing and local data archiving.

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  • Enabled compliance with MoH serialization directive
  • Deployed DC functions:
    • Receiving
    • Aggregation / de-aggregation
    • Special handling
    • Labeling and redressing
    • Shipping
    • Quality assurance / audit
    • Returns
    • Destruction
  • 1D and 2D Barcode
  • Deployed on Motorola 9090 wireless handhelds for maximum mobility
  • Manages both serialized and non-serialized product
  • Non-serialized product labeled in the DC
  • Real-time integration to global SAP-Aii
  • Project delivered on time and budget

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