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ROC IT’s innovative solutions are built on a powerful distributed architecture platform that puts business logic and decision-making where it is most effective: on the “operational edge” of the supply chain, where material handling occurs. This allows us to effectively manage devices, sensors and business processes to deliver real-time execution in the supply chain.


Edge data capture with any device

We developed the ROC IT technology platform to create applications that enable edge data capture with any device, and data exchange with any host environment. The ROC IT technology platform serves as a control plane, enabling powerful applications ranging from policy-based distribution and control of the serialized supply chain processes, to sensor networks in smart infrastructure, to monitoring and management in cloud computing environments.

The applications enabled by the ROC IT technology platform are distributed, diverse and dynamic.

  • Distributed. The applications are distributed across large, often global, footprints with many nodes or instances that need to run autonomously and independently of one another (unless specified to work together). An example is a global pharmaceutical manufacturer with operations that extend to networked points of automation in worker areas of manufacturing and distribution facilities.
  • Diverse. Each node in the system may have different hardware and its own set of policies, behaviors, and integrations. An example is a large sensor network for a “smart building” in which endpoints range from lighting controls to HVAC systems.
  • Dynamic. The applications are dynamic in two ways. First, they are event-rich, and need to respond to both local events at endpoints in the system as well as global events that are sent to the system through a central mechanism. Second, they are ever-changing, and need to be re-configured often to accommodate changes in business process. An example is a system of monitoring and management agents in a cloud computing environment that detect new hardware resources and facilitate dynamic scaling processes utilizing those resources.

Decoupling business logic from the devices allows interoperability with many device technologies. It allows devices to be associated with business logic and business parameters in real time, thus allowing for extremely powerful and flexible solutions.

The ROC IT technology platform meets the need for systems that scale simply and cost-effectively, support the diversity and heterogeneity that exist in all systems, and give business and IT leaders comfort that their investments will support current and future decisions.

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Benefits of the Platform

  • Rapid deployment
  • Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Centralized management
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Guaranteed system performance
  • Future-resiliency

White Paper: Technology Platform

We believe the primary areas of business value that the ROC IT technology platform enables include simplicity, scalability, diversity, and future-resilience. This white paper explains what we mean by each of those, and how the platform enables these benefits.

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