Contract Manufacturers

Contract manufacturers (CMOs) use the EdgeTRAC software suite to quickly adapt their product shipping, packaging and returns processes for serialization and compliance with DQSA and other country mandates. The software supports CMOs who need to manage serialized products along with products not affected by serialization requirements.

We help CMOs manage serial numbers for their manufacturing, packaging and rework processes, using serial numbers provided by their manufacturing partners. Our solutions enable serialized picking, packing (as required) and shipping to fulfill customer orders. They generate commission, aggregation, pack and ship events to share with branded manufacturers and support serialized ASNs and EPCIS transactions.

A typical EdgeTRAC software solution for a branded pharmaceutical manufacturer includes:

  • Rework, post-batch completion. Use this module to aggregate items into cases or totes, combine cases or totes into pallets, combine everything into shipments and update your serial number master or EPCIS system.
  • SN inquiry to authenticate serialized container barcode information.
  • Shipments to verify shipments against shipment order lines and update your WMS or ERP system and serial number management system. You can define multi-step shipping workflows including verification steps to replace manual cross-checks. Supports your customers’ requirements to verify serial numbers prior to physical product shipment.
  • SN deactivation to decommission serial numbers due to damage, sampling or recall and update your serial number management system.
  • Inventory to execute traditional inventory management functions such as inventory transfers and cycle counts, and automatically update your warehouse management or ERP system with the results.
  • Print, apply, verify may also be used by manufacturers with manual packaging operations. Customers include low-volume manufacturers and also high-volume manufacturers using a manual process to quickly serialize a subset of their product line for export.

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