Retailers – pharmacies, health care facilities

Pharmacies, health care facilities and other pharmaceutical retailers use the EdgeTRAC software suite to manage serial numbers for dispense processes, including receipt and put away of serial numbers from upstream trading partners. The software supports distribution of serialized products along with products not affected by serialization requirements.

We help retailers with the generation and storage of serial number events including receiving, decommissioning, destruction and preparing shipments for return to upstream trading partners. EdgeTRAC software supports the generation of serialized ASNs and EPCIS transactions.

A typical EdgeTRAC software solution for a pharmaceutical retailer includes:

  • SN inquiry to authenticate serialized container barcode information.
  • SN deactivation to decommission serial numbers due to damage, sampling or recall and update your serial number management system.
  • Receiving to verify received products, both serialized and non-serialized, with one unified process and solution.
  • Returns to verify returned products, both serialized and non-serialized, and update your serialization event repository with the disposition.

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